Trick or Treat? That is the Question.

Halloween, among other candy-jacked holidays, tends to revolve around junk food. Artificial fruit cubes and sugar-infused chocolate. Drugs, in a sense, as they light-up our brain’s pleasure sensor eight times more than cocaine. Therefore, it’s just a legal, addictive substance, like alcohol. Slow poison. Nothing more.

Nowadays, children become obese so easily. They develop diabetes; hypertension; attention deficit disorders… The list goes on and on. But, have you ever wondered, “maybe it’s what my child is eating that’s causing these issues?” These so-called disorders are actually symptoms; common responses to a variety of slow, poisonous food and drink.

Yes, poisonous!

Allow me to throw in an analogy here. There was a time when people believed the Earth was flat, until it was proven to be round. Many know that it’s truly round; yet, there are still some folks out there who believe it’s flat. It’s ridiculous. Why? Because, we’ve seen evidence that it’s round! How do these flat-Earthers not get it? Because, there’s a huge difference between knowing something vs. believing something.

Knowing is being certain something’s true with evidence. Belief is accepting something’s true without evidence. When I try to explain what I know on high-carb dangers to the sweet-toothers, they smile, nod, and bite into a bagel, because they believe “moderation” is their safe zone.

When you’re raised with the belief that dietary fat will kill you, but bread, pasta, cake, & candy are safe in moderation, you’ll find that’s 1,000% incorrect. That is, if you spent the time to get informed. Most people are content in believing what they’re told, rather than picking up some books to learn a thing or two about a thing or two. The same advice goes for politics, but we won’t go there.

Whether you want to believe it or not, processed food, breaded food, and sweet treats have ZERO nutritional value. They destroy our cells and shrink our brain. And, when I see kids eating bread, french fries, cake, ice-cream, chips, bagels, pancakes, waffles… CANDY… I cringe, because of what I know. But, yes, I was a junk food-eating kid once, too. I didn’t wise up until 2010.

What good is junk food for children, let alone grown-ups?

They taste good and it’s the only thing they will eat. That’s often the excuse I hear parents say. That, or perhaps it’s a way to keep the kid silenced, by giving them what they want. But, is that really helpful?

These junk foods, as well as fruit juices and soft drinks, are what cause 80% of our health issues. There are plenty of books and scientific evidence out there to back that up.

Sugar and starch… What are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

Just because the box of cereal has a happy cartoon character on it, shouting about how healthy it is, doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s brainwashing. Read the ingredients and look up what you don’t understand. Sure, it may contain vitamins – synthetic add-ins – but, not everyone is aware that grains, wheat, corn, and sugar deplete vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it’s nothing but a false, counteracting product. No, Tony, they’re not great!

What to eat instead?

Try real whole foods with a singular ingredient. Beef is beef; fish is fish; eggs are eggs; avocados are avocados. Foods that fuel, repair, and restore our cells, hormones, and tissue.

Make sense?

It does to me.

You are what you eat, but do you know what you’re eating?

Be well.