Hey, It’s Me!

Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a recovering carboholic. To put it simply, I quit sugar & starch in 2010, lost 120-pounds & beat pre-diabetes. I’m now a Certified Health Coach specializing in low-carb logic & optimal health hacks. That said, I’m not perfect, I’m not a doctor… I eat and I know things.

It took a very long time for me to get informed and apply my knowledge on myself. Who knew, a lifestyle free from sugar, wheat, grains, and other starchy junk would clear my brain fog, and melt belly fat faster than a speeding bullet. Science!

I’d like to share what I’ve learned over the years, to hopefully inspire you to get informed and keep the C.R.A.P. out of your mouth.

If you’ve grown up believing that dietary fat was bad for your health, high cholesterol will kill you, and bread, pasta, candy, and dessert are okay in moderation, prepare to get your mind blown! You’ll find the opposite is often true.

Exhibit A:

The information that I share here is based on over a decade of self-study. It began in 2006, when my doctor diagnosed me with pre-diabetes and said I’d have a heart-attack by the time I turned 35. The alternative was to change my lifestyle, which I did. I even spent a couple of years in a health coaching certification class, on top of it. Sure, I could’ve earned a degree to become a Nutritionist, too, but the dreamer in me wanted to be a movie director & screenwriter. I went to film school, and yada, yada, yada, I make a living in the commercial insurance industry.

The health and nutritional knowledge I attained is based on my own, personal health & weight-loss experience and research. Something I did privately over the years, when I wasn’t writing movie scripts. It’s also a lot of common sense, in my opinion. When you remove the junk, you improve your health. Remove to Improve!

But, it’s not that simple.

We human beings are addicted to anything that spikes our dopamine – sugar, bread, cake, alcohol… Tasty toxins, as I like to call them. If I were to suggest you eliminate these things, to improve your health, you’d probably bark at me. Some have already. People like to defend their bad habits. They throw the “everything in moderation” phrase at me, like it’s their secret weapon.

“Everything in moderation!” Really? So, heroin in moderation? Sniff glue in moderation? I would reconsider using the word “everything” and just say what they really mean… “Delicious crap in moderation.”

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t happen over night. It begins with a goal and commitment, but that commitment has to be supported by our mindset. Change our mind on the junk we put into our body. It could take years, as it did for me. Sure, I began to recognize the problem in 2010; I lowered my carbs and sugar drastically, but still allowed pizza and beer in moderation. There’s that word again, moderation!

In the midst of my journey, I tried vegan, but it was lacking in essential nutrients, like vitamin A (retinol), B12, D, zinc, and Omega-3 (DHA) fatty acid (from seafood), which is needed for brain & cardiovascular health… It is also heavy in anti-nutrients, like lectins and oxalates, which are in grains, beans, and spinach (for example). Vegan is a movement against killing & eating animals, not a diet. I appreciate the cause, so please don’t get me wrong. The “diet” didn’t work for me. Therefore, I leveled up to veggies plus seafood and eggs. I followed that routine for 5-years – but, I also continued to squeeze in beer and pizza, from time to time.

In 2017, around the time I was studying for my health coaching certification, I learned about keto (the ketogenic diet), which is the ultimate, healthiest low-carb/zero sugar diet; it aligns with our ancestral way of eating, using fat for fuel instead glucose (sugar). I learned about the importance of intermittent fasting – my eating window became 2-meals per day (brunch & dinner), with a 16-hour “healing” period. That’s every day for me. My education was heavy on hormones and their interactions with certain foods & beverages, and so on. The class was nutrition heavy, as well.

I finally quit the beer and commercial pizza and, at a summer barbecue, I sunk my teeth into beef again. I felt better than ever, but still not perfect. My social life still includes dining out, which means the chances of getting grass-fed, wild caught, organic food are slim. I still drink dry wine and clear alcohol, which I will quit for good.

The ongoing journey is to manage inflammation as best as possible. Inflammation, after all, is the root cause of most disease. Why add fuel to the fire?

With all of my knowledge, I lost a total of 120-pounds, collectively. I never counted a calorie; never joined a gym – I sometimes use kettlebells at home, and ride my bike… I refuse birthday cake (yes, even my own), shove french fries aside, ignore beer, and toss the bun off my burgers….

Everyone should find what works best for them. However, I encourage you to get informed. Read. Don’t limit your research to a single source. Open your mind and identify what seems to be the most logical, common sense path to better health.